How To Compose An Outstanding Narrative Essay About Love

One could argue that love is a rather complicated topic and it certainly isn’t explainable in a short paragraph. Therefore, the ones who can compose an excellent narrative essay about the topic of love is truly a brilliant writer. There aren’t many people who can deliver concise and clear messages in their essays, but this guide is here to help you achieve that.

Before you start writing, you need a very good plan to write the essay. Think about what you are going to write about and make sure you can express your thoughts clearly in words. This is a difficult technique but it is absolutely essential if you wish to write a great essay. Of course, there are a few areas that you should focus on after you have made your plan. Here are the areas that you should spend a bit more effort.


As with most essays, having excellent grammar is absolutely essential. Your readers expect you to deliver great English writing skills and they don’t expect any errors. Of course, the occasional typo is not a deadly sin and it is certainly acceptable, though do remember that a piece of work that has too many typos may be deemed as poor!


Your reader needs to feel that you are passionate about the story! Make sure you can deliver that. Try and use different words to add some uniqueness to your work. Indeed, writing a narrative essay on the topic of love may be rather tough and it is going to take some time to master. However, given enough practise and hard work, one can easily get a great piece of work done in a short time.


Everyone loves a good story about love! Admit it. But a good story always has a wonderful structure to it. Just remember, the structure acts as a foundation to a good story. Figure a way to structure your own story. Ideally, your story needs a great start to grasp your readers and then a brilliant story, which is followed by a touching end. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? However, this comes from practise again. If you couldn’t be bothered to practise and polish up your writing skills, you may find it very difficult to write compelling work!

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