Picking A Classification Essay Topic: 15 Great Suggestions From An Expert

A Classification Essay sorts groups of objects, ideas or people into classes according to a common standard. For instance “In the summer, people can enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking, running, and swimming.”

  1. 1. Most importantly, choose a category you are interested in: do not choose “sports” because that’s easy, when your passion is “theatre.”
  2. 2. Leading on from the last point, choose something you know about.
  3. 3. Have a clear idea of what kind of thing you want to classify, maybe “attractions by tourist popularity.”
  4. 4. Make a list of prompts for your areas of interest, such as “Sports Cars” or “popular TV shows.” Research a few to find the one that inspires you most and has the best quality of evidence.
  5. 5. Be realistic: consider the length of your paper so that there is neither too much nor too little evidence to cover in your project. “Historical events of a country” would need narrowing down
  6. 6. Try looking in a different place to everyone else for your topic. How about asking knowledgeable people; your Uncle’s efforts might inspire “Ways of quitting smoking.”
  7. 7. If you are still stuck for an idea, do something different: take a walk there might be something you see that inspires you. An advert might show you “Ways of coping with a cold.”
  8. 8. Look at past examples and present a new twist on an old idea
  9. 9. You have too many ideas. Talk to a friend. The one you are most enthusiastic about is the best idea for your assignment.
  10. 10. Ensure your categories following a single organizing idea. Choose between “physiological or psychological diseases” not both.
  11. 11. Choose something with three items to classify as this gives you your three body paragraphs. Narrow down your grouping if you have more than three items. From “Sport” to “Winter sports” or “Summer sports.”
  12. 12. Have a clear idea of what is expected of you before you start. You are going to have to explain why your item is alike enough to be considered sport, but are not alike enough to be in the same group, i.e. football and hockey.
  13. 13. Make sure each of your groups for classification has equal weight.
  14. 14. If you choose to classify by subjective categories such as “quality” or “benefit” ensure you are clear what you understand by those terms. What are the “Healthy benefits of exercise?”
  15. 15. Finally, do not fall into the easy mistake of choosing the first idea that you see online. Your tutor has seen that one a thousand times before.

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