Tips And Tricks For Those Who Got Stuck On Writing Their Essay

Even those who write for a living occasionally just can't think of anything to write. Finding yourself sitting in front of the computer with no idea of what to say is frustrating and annoying. Luckily, there are a few little tips and tricks that will help you to get through the dreaded writer's block.

  1. Trick your brain:
  2. Instead of wasting time in front of the keyboard, tell your brain to "forget about it", and find something else to do. It doesn't matter what it is..take a walk, go shopping, whatever you feel like doing. You will find that by trying to NOT think about your essay, your mind opens up and the thoughts just seem to flow. The reason that this works is because your brain becomes more relaxed and creative when it is not forced into doing a task.

  3. Brainstorm with freewriting:
  4. Instead of focusing on the essay as a whole, begin with just one thought. Take 20 minutes and write a random paragraph about the essay topic. Include the details main details that pop into your mind. Then expand into your senses-- What emotions do you have about the topic? Does it affect you in any way? When the time is up, you may find yourself surprised by what you have written, and how your essay will just naturally flow around these thoughts.

  5. Talk it out:
  6. Many students find that their writing comes out as sounding unnatural, or too formal. The easiest way to get around this is simply to talk your ideas out loud. Speaking often comes more naturally than writing, so talk to yourself about the topic. Write down the things you say that sound the way you want it to come across on paper.

  7. YOU be unique:
  8. More than anything else, it is the person doing the writing that makes an essay unique. It is your views and perspectives of the chosen topic that are more important than the actual topic itself. How your particular perspective comes across says volumes about who you are, and what you are capable of.

  9. Don't be helpless:
  10. As a last resort, ask for help if you need it. Professors, guidance counsellors, and student or faculty advisors are there to give assistance and advice. What may seem to be an insurmountable mountain may only be a little bump in the road when you reach out for help.

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