How To Select Good Essay Topics: A Guide For High School Students

Choosing topics that are of particular interest to you

If you need to write an essay, then you want to be able to enjoy yourself whilst doing the work. Apart from making the experience less boring, it also helps to ensure that the work will be of a higher quality. For example, if you’re talking about a topic that you particularly enjoy, then you are likely to be more enthusiastic about it, which will help make the paper a lot more interesting.

Using Sub-headings to make main titles more unique and original

If you need to try and make the paper as unique as possible then you could consider using subheadings as part of the main title. In this way, the main heading may not be so unique in itself; however, by adding more variables in the form of a subheading, you may find that you have a unique paper to write about.

Checking past paper ideas and titles for inspiration

An excellent way of getting inspiration to help think of good essay topics is to check past paper ideas and titles. You might not necessarily use the titles that you find, particularly as it puts you at risk of plagiarism, but it may help you to create some new titles of your own. Potentially, all you need to do is make a few little tweaks to a title that you like the look of, and it can be unique, and ready to go.

Brainstorming to help think of essay ideas

There are various brainstorming methods that you can use whilst writing the essay. In fact, it is not only good for thinking of titles, but also what content to use in the main essay itself. Brainstorming is particular useful when carried out as part of a wider group of people. Therefore, if a group of you and your fellow students all need to write a paper, then it can be a good idea to get together and try think of some titles between the group.

Working in groups to improve creativity

As mentioned, working in groups can help with the whole brainstorming process. Part of the reason for this is that you have each person coming up with new ideas. But the best part is that these ideas can help to inspire each other. This means that you may think of many more topics than you would have thought of had you been on your own.

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