How To Compose A Strong Essay: Handy Writing Tips

Most students think that writers are naturally gifted. They feel that certain people are just gifted at writing and are born that way. But nothing could be more untrue.

All writers that are good might have liked trying to write, but getting good at it came with one thing—that thing that makes everyone good at something the longer they work at it – practice. Practice every single day. That is the only thing that makes you better at something than someone else. So, while you’re in school, know this—the tenth essay you write will be much better than the first, right?

Tips for Successful Essays

The Topics of Essays

There are some great tips that writers learn which make all academic essays easier to write.

First, pick a topic that is interesting to you, not one that you care so much about that the writing gets too emotional because the more emotional an essay gets—the more the structure of the essay will go all over the place.

So, pick a topic that you can achieve some distance and objectivity about.

Know the Essay Structure – By Heart

All essays follow one of two structures. There is the informative structure – this is the structure of basically all essays EXCEPT for those that are more argumentative, where you might need to acknowledge an argument from the other side. With an argument like “Capital punishment should be abolished,” for example, you would need to acknowledge the other side’s arguments of this very hot debate—you have to acknowledge you are aware of their argument and either softly or academically strongly – refute it –or overcome it through your own skillful argumentative skills.

So it goes like this

Structure for Non Argumentative Essays

Introductory paragraph 1 (if you have enough introductory sentences for two paragraphs.

Introductory paragraph 2 (with thesis statement firmly placed at the end of it)

Body paragraphs of evidence

Closing paragraph (try to bring your topic into the present moment of the essay)

Introductory and closing paragraphs are typically the ones students say they are most confused about how to write, so I’ll say this—Introdutory sentences must be interesting and help get you to your thesis.

Closing paragraphs are best written if they bring the essay into the present moment of the essay. Very present moment – like something that happened regarding your topic that week or month.

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