A List Of Debatable Argumentative Essay Topics About Education

Do you want to write an argumentative essay about education but are not sure about the topic? Have you never written an essay on education? Do you want to know the possible topics for an argument essay in the field of education? Can you choose a good topic for your essay if you have list of possible debatable topics?

Here are a few great topics for education that you can use in your argumentative essay. It is not necessary that you find all of them useful. You might not like all the topics but you have to choose only one. Take a look at the following topics to get an idea about the topic and its structure

List of debatable topics for an argumentative essay

  1. - Should school uniforms be compulsory? Why is it so?
  2. - Should teachers emphasize more on physical exercise and project based learning to keep children productive
  3. - Healthy diets have a direct relation to the academic performance of students
  4. - Sex education should be mandatory for students in school whether their parents agree or not
  5. - What is the process of homeschooling and how it works
  6. - Traditional classrooms are a better place to learn then online learning classes
  7. - Online learning courses are better than traditional classrooms in many ways
  8. - There should be more public sector schools in our community
  9. - There should be more private sector schools in our state
  10. - A standard grading system does not allow to assess students at their best
  11. - Exercise and healthy diet can contribute much towards improving the learning capabilities of students
  12. - Co-education schools are way better than the separate schooling system
  13. - Schools should have separate divisions for boys and girls
  14. - All schools should follow the same text books and course plan for students
  15. - Different schools should have their individual text books and courses for students

Some of these topics are reverse to each other. You need to choose a topic that you agree with and the one that meets your preferences. Do not make a hurried decision while choosing the topic of your essay. Education is a vast subject and there may be hundreds of such topics that students can choose for an essay in education. It is important to notice that the topic you choose should have available research material that you will use as evidence in your essay.

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