How To Create A Perfect Academic Essay: A Tutorial For Beginners

Writing the perfect essay may not be as easy as you think. It does help to have practice writing different topics and having a few strong characteristics to help you. The process is not difficult but you need to remember a few things to ensure the end product is what you want. For beginners, it helps to focus on important elements necessary to the writing process. From here, you can make a plan to help you write a good essay.

  • Learn Important Parts of an Essay
  • An academic essay has three main parts including the introduction, body and conclusion. You can review what each section details and how they should be written. A sample essay will provide clarity on how each section should be written. The introduction introduces readers the subject matter and thesis statement (main idea behind the essay). The body provides supporting details to prove your argument and the conclusion brings your topic to a close with final thoughts and restating main points. Once you have an idea of what the essay is composed of you can write it on your topic of choice.

  • Define Main Idea (Thesis Statement)
  • The main idea is sometimes difficult for students to develop. There are times it can take a few hours or a few days to develop a strong thesis. You are to develop a solid statement that clearly provides insight on your argument and why you are writing the essay. A weak statement makes the essay writing process more difficult. You will have a hard time providing essential evidence for your claim or argument. There are tutorials that provide insight on how to develop a solid thesis statement and mistakes to avoid.

  • Determine Supporting Points to Back up Main Idea
  • Supporting points are just as important as your main idea. If you have a solid main idea you will have no problem providing evidence to prove it. If your main idea falls short your evidence will as well. Supporting points or evidence gives your essay credibility. When you know your topic well you will understand what pieces of information will give the proof you need. As you develop your essay you need to think about these points. One point will make a paragraph with background details on why it supports your thesis.

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