How To Pick Unique Persuasive Essay Topics: Helpful Instructions

If you are asked to write a persuasive essay for a high school or college course, you’re going to have to choose a great topic that will be unique and engaging for your readers. It’s easiest to choose something that you already have some knowledge about, but you don’t want to choose something that you don’t particularly find interesting. The more invested you are on an idea the more your enthusiasm will come through in your writing. Here are some helpful instructions to picking the best persuasive essay topic for your assignment:

  • Step 1) The first thing you need to do is brainstorm a wide variety of topics. Unless you are given specific assignment parameters by your instructor, you should take advantage of being able to choose anything you like. The best topics are those that do something to stir your emotions, the ones that you are passionate about. You should have an easier time researching and writing about something about which you care.
  • Step 2) Don’t choose anything that has been overdone. If you’ve seen discussed on television for several months or you have read about daily on a web news site, then chances are that someone else has written a persuasive essay on the same idea recently. You don’t want to write a paper only to find that another student has chosen the same topic.
  • Step 3) Narrow the focus of your idea instead of working on something that is too broad and overwhelming. For example, instead of writing about the importance of nature preservation, write about saving the Arctic ice cap.
  • Step 4) Be sure to select a persuasive essay idea that you won’t have trouble researching or finding information on. It’s easier to find information on subjects or ideas that have been researched in the past. Stick to content released in the last few years to ensure it is current and relevant. Use resources like academic journals, books, and online content from educational or government institutions.
  • Step 5) Lastly, choose a persuasive essay subject that has just as many passionate opponents as supporters. Provide some context about the opposition and provide a point-by-point argument against whatever evidence the opposition has. This will give your paper greater validity when being reviewed by your readers.

These five simple steps should help you choose an excellent topic for your persuasive essay. Run through several options and have a friend or classmate help you select just one idea if you have trouble making your selection.

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