Professional Advice On How To Complete A 5-Paragraph Opinion Essay

In universities, professors expect a more complex approach to composing a dissertation. So, if you have the ability and have the confidence about essay writing, then, you can definitely diversify into more complex and longer papers. But, what happens if writing is your weakness?

An opinion essay is written to prove the writer’s main idea otherwise known as the thesis. Indeed, this must be stated clearly especially in the introductory paragraph. Do not ever leave the readers guessing what your stance on the issue; this simply conveys that you’ve got to make a coherent stand.

The 5-paragraph outline below is an excellent starting point particularly if you feel unsure of your writing skills:

  • It is imperative to develop the argument in the body of the dissertation. See to it that each paragraph consists of one clear point that strengthens your viewpoint. Consider using cause and effect reasoning, illustrations and examples, contrast or comparison or any other methods of development to strengthen your argument.
  • In the same way, it is very important to conduct a thorough research. The points that you present must be strengthened by strong evidences from outside sources. Also bear in mind that your paragraph must contain 3 up to 5 sentences that develop one but clear point. An outstanding paragraph always starts with a topic sentence that summarizes your main point.
  • In the conclusion part of your dissertation, remember that it is very substantial to restate or sum up your opinion. In this part, you may include more points of views and hence more paragraphs in the body of the paper. More than that, the writer must decide whether he/she approves or disapproves with the subject of the topic. Afterwards, it is necessary to create a list of his/her reasons and points of views.
  • Take into consideration that it is fundamental to come up with well-arranged paragraphs, connecting the sentences with applicable phrases as well as linking words. Never ever forget to begin each section of document with a topic sentence that recapitulates what the article is all about. Likewise, linking words and phrases must also be utilized properly to join each section of document with another.
  • Allot five minutes of your time to edit or totally polish the paper in order to ensure that it is free of any errors. It is always required to edit or work on the necessity revisions prior submitting your work to your professor. The areas you are required to check comprise of the structure used, grammar, punctuation, spelling and more.

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