A List Of Suggestions For Argumentative Topics For Essays

An essay with an argumentative, interactive topic can be extremely entertaining both to write as well as to present, given the right topic. Continue reading to discover a list of suggestions as to what to base your argumentative essay off of.

  1. 1. Assisted Suicide
    • - This can be a very heated debate topic.
    • - Is assisted suicide considered to be murder?
    • - Should doctors be allowed to practice assisted suicide?
    • - Under what circumstances would this procedure be justified?
  2. 2. Legalization of Marijuana
    • - Should marijuana be legalized?
    • - Under what circumstances should it be legalized? Should it only be used for medicinal purposes, or is it justifiable for marijuana to be legalized for recreational use?
    • - What are the benefits of marijuana?
    • - Does marijuana pose any negative side effects for the user?
    • - Discuss the events that have transpired as a result of its legalization in Colorado and Washington.
  3. 3. Abortion
    • - This topic is an extremely sensitive one that has the potential to spark very heated debates
    • - Should a woman have the choice to abort a fetus?
    • - Under what circumstances is abortion considered to be the right choice?
    • - Should the father have a say in the process of abortion?
    • - Should the government have a say in what a woman does or does not do with her body when she becomes pregnant?
    • - Discuss the issue of young girls who become pregnant as well as rape victims and have no other choice but to abort.
  4. 4. Animal Testing
    • - What facilities still practice animal testing?
    • - Is it necessary to conduct tests on animals? Is there another alternative?
    • - What procedures are taken, if any, to ensure the safety of the animals?
    • - What sort of tests are conducted on the animals? How does this affect their quality of life?
    • - If there are alternatives to animal testing, why are they not being used?
    • - Discuss the argument that has been brought forward that a human life is more valuable than an animal’s.
  5. 5. Global Warming
    • - Can global warming be contributed to human activities, or is it occurring naturally?
    • - Is global warming truly occurring at all?
    • - What things have happened as a result of global warming?
    • - Have any species of animals been affected by global warming?
    • - How will it affect us in the future?
    • - Is there any real danger that is foreseeable?
    • - Can global warming be stopped? If not, can it be slowed and somewhat prevented?
  6. 6. Minimum Wage
    • - Is the current minimum wage rate enough for a person to support themselves with?
    • - If the minimum wage was to be raised, what would the outcome be?
    • - What benefits does minimum wage pay pose for the corporation or business?
  7. 7. Guns in America
    • - Should every citizen have access to purchasing a gun?
    • - Under what circumstances should a person not have access to a gun?
    • - Should a person have to complete a test or mental examination in order to purchase a gun?
    • - Is it necessary for automatic weapons to be available to the general public?
    • - What would happen if guns were made completely unavailable to the American people?
    • - What benefits does the ownership of a gun pose to a person?

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