What To Know About The Format For A Persuasive Essay: An Outline

A persuasive essay is a paper in which you persuade your readers about a certain point of view that you have. It’s a project that demands a lot of attention, and the strongest arguments you have regarding your opinion. However, it doesn’t matter what arguments you have, if they are poorly organized in your paper. Each paper has its structure, and a persuasive essay is no exception. Let’s see which rules of structure and formatting should be observed while writing.

Formatting is more easily observed if you compose a good, detailed outline of your persuasive essay first. Though many students consider writing an outline a waste of time, it can help you keep in mind all the important details, and stick to a precise structure. Let’s take a look at a sample persuasive paper outline.

  1. Create an intro
    • Determine the audience.
    • An introduction is an important part of an essay of any type. If you attract the attention of your readers in the intro, they will be more likely to read on. Determine the audience, and find out what might be interesting to them that you can offer to grab their attention.

    • Use a hook.
    • A hook is something catchy, like an interesting fact or quotation, that can make your readers feel eager to keep on reading.

    • Provide your thesis statement.
    • Your readers need to know what your work is all about, so give them a hint with a thesis statement that is short, informative, and catchy.

  2. Create the body.

  3. The body consists of as many paragraphs as the number of arguments you have to defend your point of view. Each argument should be given a separate paragraph that involves the argument itself, and any facts, quotes, evidence, etc., which can prove it.

  4. Create the conclusion.
  5. Recapitulate the essay.
  6. Give a brief summary of the entire paper leading your readers back towards the initial goal of the research, and the conclusions that can be made after all the arguments have been voiced. Persuade your readers that the goal was achieved, with the help of facts.

  7. Place emphasis on the importance of the essay.
  8. Show readers how important such research can be, and how other researchers can use the data for their own work.

  9. Plan further actions.
  10. It’s a good idea to finish up the essay with a plan for further movement toward your researched direction, and to speak about your intention to keep on working at the problem and researching new horizons. You can also call your readers to action, having persuaded them about your point of view.

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