Silk Road

Silk Road is a trade route that separates Western Asia and Europe from China. It is located in very hostile environments with little or no rainfall, high temperatures and sandstorms all of which have claimed the lives of many people in the region. The name silk road may imply that silk was the only item of trade in the region which is ultimately not the case, many other precious items were used in trade like ivory,gold,plants and animals and crossing the central Asia was no single route but different other routes developed in the course all starting in the capital Changan. The present day Silk Road is very useful in business connecting China and Kazakhstan railway system since 1990.The aspects of cultural change, religion and foreign influence came to be dominant in the region.

Silk Road was a very active region in trading of silk and religion something that led to introduction of Buddhism in China from India. This route developed causing problems with the Chinese rulers of then. The safety of trade goods were at a threat since bandits took geographical advantage of the route by plundering the caravans. The traders incurred an extra cost in employing a self-defense for their trade goods and building forts and defensive walls along the route which was very harmful to the business.

The rise and fall

Silk Road was remarkably important in the 7th century when there had been stability and a decrease in the number of threats. This contributed immensely in the development of Buddhism in China considered that a Chinese traveller Xuan Zhuang travelled across to India to obtain Buddhist scriptures through this route and is up to date seen as very important step in religious development in China. Although stability was not enjoyed for long in the dynasties, the art and civilization considerably happened which saw Changan the capital become one of the biggest and cosmopolitan cities in those times.

The sea route however suffered several problems that made shorten its effective operations. People along the route practiced politics based on their tribes, existence of middle men and pirates along the route and majorly the attitude of the dynasties led to collapse of the route.

Silk Road tourism

Silk Road has a lot to see and admire, some a benefit of the ancient ruin of cities and its richness in archaeology. The museum and the ancient wall attract tourist even in the present day. Silk Road has a remarkable history of many areas.

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