How to write a brilliant essay in 60 minutes

Now obviously the first thing to note is the fact that if you are going to complete any sort of essay, let alone a brilliant one, in 60 minutes then clearly this will not be a major dissertation. This will be a brief essay with only one or at the most two body paragraphs. As long as we have that clear in our mind before we start, let's begin.

There are always teachers who will talk about the importance of the topic for your essay. This has never been more relevant in this situation. If you're going to write a brilliant essay in an hour then you really need to choose a topic which has certain characteristics and get a best research paper examples.

  • You should really love this topic.
  • You have lots of information about this topic.
  • It is an easy topic to write about.

And the idea is that you can answer yes to all of the above three points or that they all apply in your situation. Let's think about it for a moment. You don't have two hours or half a day or a week to finish this essay, you only have 60 minutes. So the actual physical act of writing the essay will take a certain amount of time. You simply don't have the time to go off and research the topic to get extra information. It's just not possible. Best place to buy custom essay takes good care of your papers. Quality guaranteed. So if you choose a topic that you love, that you know about already and which is easy to discuss, then you're well on the way to writing a brilliant essay in 60 minutes.

Don't rush and don't panic

The fact that you’ve only got 60 minutes to write the whole essay would get some students pressing the panic button. That's the best way to fail. You've got enough on your plate as it is without rushing around worrying about things. Have a plan and work to that plan. Forget about being upset and panicking.

The plan is everything

Of course it will have an introduction and a conclusion and either one or two body paragraphs. Remember this is a simple and basic essay. So once you decide on your thesis statement which could be simply addressing the topic of your essay, then you need to add in your main point or points if you have two body paragraphs. Then note any supporting documentation or minor points that you will add. From here you're ready to go.

Write as quickly as possible

Now you’re probably going to say that that is a bleeding obvious statement. Of course you have to write as quickly as possible you've only got 60 minutes to finish the entire essay. But the point still needs to be made that now you are creating the first draft you simply don't stop to worry about spelling or grammar or anything else. You keep your eye on the plan and you write and write and write.

Walk away

You read correctly. Even though you've only got 60 minutes to complete the entire task, now you need to take five minutes where you have nothing to do with your essay. Take your mind off the subject and go and do something completely unrelated. This may seem crazy as you're on such a tight time schedule but trust me it's a good way to get the job done efficiently. With your mind refreshed you then go back to your first draft and edit and polish and correct.

Because the length of the essay is relatively short, it certainly is an achievable goal to write an essay in 60 minutes. The real test of course is to see if you can write a brilliant essay in the time.

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