10 Great Ideas For Writing A Decent Long Essay On Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a woman who changed the way of life for many people on Earth. She was a caring woman who gave up the comforts of life to serve the neediest people on the planet. Her life has been an inspiration for people all over the planet because she showed true compassion for her fellow man. If you are fortunate enough to have been assigned an essay project about Mother Teresa, you should do all you can to learn as much as possible about this amazing woman. Here are some ideas to help you write a lengthy essay about her:

  1. Investigate her childhood. Even though most people think of her as an Indian woman, she was not born in India.

  2. Research what made her decide to be a nun. Most women do not simply become nuns when they become of age. What happened in her life to make her decide to give her life to her spiritual faith? What was her spiritual faith?

  3. Look into her relationship with Princess Diana. In the 1980s, these two women were the most recognizable faces in the world. You can extend your essay by writing about how their very different paths crossed and how they influenced each other.

  4. Check out her Calcutta Center. What is the Calcutta Center? What was her role in the establishment of this place? How does it continue on now that she has been dead for many years?

  5. Research whether or not she will ever become a Saint. What is the process for a person to become a saint? Where is she in the process? What miracles have been attributed to her?

  6. Look for meaningful quotes from her. Look for words that she has said and the situations surrounding those words. You can also look into how those words have inspired others and where they have been used in popular culture.

  7. Investigate why she would have been criticized. It might be hard to imagine that a woman like Mother Teresa would have been criticized, but she did actually have critics. What did they criticize? How did they go about criticizing her and what were her responses to their critiques?

  8. Write about her Nobel Peace Prize. She earned a Nobel Peace in 1979. You can find plenty of information about her nomination and the speech that she gave.

  9. Share why she still matters today. She died in 1997 and people are still discussing her impact on the world. Why?

  10. Find poetry and other creative literature written about her. Take a look at the pieces that people have written about her and what those pieces say.
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