A List Of Fun Persuasive Essay Topics To Choose From

If you need to write a persuasive essay, you should remember that it is very similar to an argumentative essay, but the former is usually gentler. In other words, you do not have to describe and discuss an alternate point of view. You should rather tell your story and try to convince the audience that your ideas are true. When you are considering a topic for your paper, you should think about something that makes you exited and interested, so you will have more fun working on your assignment.

The following list of fun persuasive essay topics is designed in order to help you come up with you own:

  1. 1. Some people are genetically disposed to be funny and open-minded.
  2. 2. It is fine to call little people ‘dwarfs,’ as this is not offensive at all.
  3. 3. The ways professionals handle mean people that they have to work with.
  4. 4. Do not use paper towels and napkins, so you save forests.
  5. 5. Science should be understandable by ordinary people; scientists should make their ideas accessible.
  6. 6. Coffee and cookies should be included in a college tuition fee.
  7. 7. The reasons why funny pick-up lines work better compared to traditional dates.
  8. 8. Why you deserve to win a lottery and live like celebrities.
  9. 9. Fat people should never wear skinny pants.
  10. 10. Blonde-haired women are cleverer compared to brunettes, that is why many women change their hair color.
  11. 11. The horoscope may help you figure out what to do in order to succeed.
  12. 12. It does not really matter whether you have a degree or not.
  13. 13. The work week should be shorter in developing countries.
  14. 14. People who like watching horror movies are adrenaline junkies.
  15. 15. Women are better top-managers compared to men.
  16. 16. Playing video games boosts individual’s IQ.
  17. 17. Gossips never ruin friendships.
  18. 18. Watching talk shows help people understand how the things work out.
  19. 19. Rural dwellers are happier than city citizens are.
  20. 20. People should have fewer alternatives, so they are able to choose easier.
  21. 21. The vegetarians love animals.
  22. 22. Boys and girls should be allowed to wear whatever they want.
  23. 23. The drinking age should not exist; individuals should choose for themselves when they want to start drinking alcohol.
  24. 24. Airplanes should have special seats for larger passengers, so they feel more comfortable during the flights.
  25. 25. Today, people spend more time with their friends and family members.

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