Stella Liebeck Vs Macdonald's

The Stella Liebeck v. McDonalds Restaurant lawsuit of 1994 became one of the famous court cases in the history of the United States. Currently, this court case that happened in New Mexico is a very important part of any tort reform debate of litigation knowledge. Back then and even in present times, the idea of fast food drive through the spilling of coffee by Stella on her body in her personal car and later getting a punitive decision of $2.7 million made was somewhat a lot for many people stemming out of the public. It is widely known that the case ended up being fodder for late night T shows. Later on, online commentators most of whom did not have the faintest idea of the facts of the case took up on this matter. For a number of years now, the tale has been used for cautionary reasons and a part of an urban old story. People seeking confirmation of the most fundamental facts concerning the case have faced a lot of difficult since the case led to informal appellate opinion bringing forth its procedural and factual background.

It is one of the biggest lawsuits that have sparked a lot of controversy especially based on the views of people coming from different backgrounds. The reputation of the case has been rehabilitated using the severity of Stella’s physical injuries as proof of the purported merit of the lawsuit. The case has been used in literary works such as the editorial documentary of Hot Coffee by Susan Saladoff highlight the peak of the evils purportedly linked with tort reform. To some level, the success that came with the documentary along with the editorial coverage has caused the public to think all over again concerning the matters in in this lawsuit.

The take by McDonald’s restaurant in its policy to serve 180-190 degree Celsius coffee has greatly been criticized based on its ability to harm when split over the body. It is believed that it could cause either second or third degree burns such as the one sustained by Liebeck twenty years ago. A lot has been said concerning the case and the plaintiff has appeared to be on the winning side despite the outcome that was found to be malicious by some observers and analysts. The grounds under which such case was determined and judgment passed has remained to be a mystery given that it could have been part of Stella’s negligence in the whole matter.

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