What Are The Secrets Of A Strong Analysis Essay

When writing an essay it helps to have strong analytical skills. Though what are those skills is what needs to be addressed. Here are a few things to know.

  • Do correct research
  • Use logic correctly
  • Have solid conclusions

Do correct research

When writing an essay you need to do strong research in order to back up your arguments, and this is a way to utilize your analytical skills. It is important to look at multiple sides, so you have a well-rounded idea when approaching this topic. When you present your topic you need to bring what are the main points of the issue, and then argue what are the points of validity. The second point is to argue what has more merit, and why. Here you can show your bias, but you need to argue effectively, and this is where correct logic comes into play.

Use logic correctly

When you use logic, it simply means how arguments are formed. When you have a good analysis, it will go toward having good sound arguments. When you’re presenting one side of an argument, especially if it involves politics, religion, you want to avoid constant rhetoric, when there is an overuse of rhetoric you do not really get to the main points, or to the root of the problem, and you’re basically accused of dancing around the issue. You want to avoid straw man fallacies, or personal attacks, which sadly is so common in the mainstream media, and the political theatre. You also want to avoid circular reasoning, which is very common as well. To clarify, circular reasoning is where you already have a conclusion on an issue, and you try to find anything to confirm your assumptions. This is where you rhetoric comes into play, but basically logic is not used in a good sound manner.

Have solid conclusions

When you present your conclusion, once again this where logic is used to back up your argument. You can show your bias, but you must state why you have the position you have. If you take an issue like gun control, you hear many arguments in the media, and sadly most are sensationalized. If you present a position in a very emotional and complicated, you must back up your argument not just with good logic, but information, which is documented, and can be checked.

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