Early Life Of Dan Gable

Dan Gable is mostly known for his coaching wrestling. He was the head coach of the wrestling team for twenty-one years at the University of Iowa. He also coached 10 Olympians, 106 big ten champions, 45 national champions, and 152 all Americans. Gable also won a gold metal in the 1972 Olympic games in wrestling. While it seems like Dan Gable was destine for greatness, he actually wasn’t always the best and tragedy help shape the man that he became in the world of wrestling.

On October 25, 1948, Dan Gable was born in Waterloo, Iowa. Dan had an older sister, Diane and she was one of Gables biggest supporters and the two were very close. When Gable was younger he was a mischievous child and did things to upset his parents. One instance happened when he bit a overweight woman in the butt as she was bent over at a store and tossed his mothers purse out of the family vehicle while it was moving. All of this behavior ended when he was fifteen years old, when his older sister was raped and murdered, which led to Gable focusing more on his athlete career.

Gable wanted to make his sister proud, so he started focusing more on sports. He played football, baseball, swimming, and of course wrestling. Before his great career in wrestling, Gable was a great swimmer. He was undefeated and won a state title in backstroke. Gable then started to wrestle for West High and he trained everyday in hopes of being undefeated. He reached that goal going sixty-four – zero, which was a school record. He also was state champion three times. During his senior year, he switched to Folk Style wrestling and won one hundred and forty two matches but retired from this form when he went to college.

Gable attended Iowa State University and while there he always wanted to wrestle the toughest guy in the room. There he won one hundred and seventeen matches before he lost in the finals to Larry Owings his senior year. Even though he lost, he still earned a NCAA champ twice and after college, he still wanted to share his gift with others and that was when he decided to start coaching others, which lead to him coaching so of the greatest wrestlers of all time in college, Goodwill games, and the Olympics.

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