15 Incredibly Easy And Compelling Topics For Your Argument Essay

The purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to persuade others on the writer’s point of view, giving strong arguments to get the reader’s agreement on your opinion or on a particular note.

The base of a persuasive essay is its arguments. The more strong your arguments, the stronger your essay would be. If you need to give strong arguments to support your thesis statement, then you definitely need to know deeply your stance. You can never clear your position, until you know completely your statement or logic. You would have to know the advantages and disadvantages of your statement. For this, you would have to collect extensive research on your topic. The selection of your topic needs to be observed very keenly, thus you should gather a lot of information from different sources.

You would have to prepare a long and strong list of questions, reasoning, and evidence that should include statistics and other studies. You would have to work on both side of the story, to know what image could you provide to the reader and would you be able to convince him on your viewpoint. Following are 15 incredibly easy and compelling topics for your persuasive essay

  1. 1. Does arrange marriages result in divorce?
  2. 2. Do we have a fair electoral process?
  3. 3. Does smoking cause lungs cancer?
  4. 4. Should cell phones not be given to teens?
  5. 5. Can a religion be responsible for war?
  6. 6. Playing violent video games could result in making the player violent or intolerant. Discuss.
  7. 7. Are parents responsible for their kid’s stubborn behavior?
  8. 8. Do parents have a say in their kid’s life after their marriages?
  9. 9. Should alcohol be banned?
  10. 10. Moon effects pregnancy. A myth or reality, discuss.
  11. 11. Is it healthy to weight gain in pregnancy?
  12. 12. Should the gays be given liberty of living together?
  13. 13. Is it necessary to be fashionable?
  14. 14. Does anxiety and depression result in weight loss?
  15. 15. Drug usage is not bad as drug abuse

Following are the tips for writing a persuasive essay

  • - You need to be logical in your opinions.
  • - Avoid baseless opinions
  • - Give strong evidence
  • - Give authentic references
  • - Draw an outline before you move towards writing
  • - You should always keep in mind that many would oppose you; therefore, you would have to prepare yourself to defend your statement by being logical.
  • - Emotional attachment should be avoided. None of your writing or language should give any emotional gesture.
  • - Teacher could become your opponent to test your argumentative skills, so you should try it before giving any presentation. Ask any of your mate or sibling to oppose your statement by asking questions.

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