A Free Argumentative Essay Topics List For College Students

An argumentative essay allows you to express your preferences and support an issue that is engaging for you. You can discuss topics from almost any niche, as long as you follow the requirements of the paper. There has to be a main central idea that you will analyze and valid arguments that are easy to understand by anyone. Some free argumentative essay topics you have right here:

  • - The importance of nutritional education. Since fast-food became more and more common, teenagers are not aware of what is the proper food they should consume. It is vital for them to have knowledge about the nutrients they need for a proper function and development.
  • - Prevention of bullying. Unfortunately in many schools shy children get teased by their classmates, and this can lead to serious problems in the long term.
  • - Vaccination. Although many parents refuse this procedure for their kids, it is vital for them to be protected, especially when they start to take contact with other children.
  • - Your favorite book. You can analyze the action, a controversial character or the writing style of the author.
  • - Energy alternatives. There are new inventions that can not only stop the pollution, but also ensure our electrical energy using very rudimentary resources.
  • - Multilingual children. Some parents seem to believe that leaning their toddler more than one language can be confusing, but some specialists say that this will help them in their development.
  • - The dangers of gambling. What can start as a simple game can become a real addiction and many people lost their fortune in this manner.
  • - How old a child should be when he starts school? There are various opinions on this issue, and each one is supported by solid arguments. Present it from your perspective.
  • - The damages made by smartphones. All of us have them, but some young people use them too often and too much. This is limiting their social skills, and they become socially awkward.
  • - To get or not to get tattoos. In the modern society, tattoos are widely accepted. However, there are some disadvantages, especially for people who search for a job in some niches that are connected with the public.
  • - Working as a freelancer. There are pros and cons for every kind fob job, but this particular type is very debatable for many reasons. While some people made a career in this, others think that it is not secure.

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