15 Offbeat Ideas For A Compare And Contrast Essay Title

A compare and contrast essay gives you the chance to analyze not one, but two topics at the same time. This can make it easier for you if you know how to handle it, but it can also be difficult to pick the right subject. Besides, you want something uncommon, not the same ideas that your colleagues discuss about all the time. Take a look at these:

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  1. Communism and democracy. Many students don’t like politics, so they avoid these kind of subjects. However, you will have many things to learn.
  2. Corruption and nepotism. No, they are not the same.
  3. Two different educational systems. You can choose any countries in the world.
  4. Being a child and being an adult. It will be very fun writing about these topics, especially because you will not know what similarities you can present. Think about it and be innovative!
  5. Presidency and monarchy. You can present the advantages and the disadvantages of both, as well as what they have in common.
  6. Evolutionism vs creationism. No matter in what theory you believe, it will be a good lesson for your colleagues.
  7. Two religions. Try to write about religions that have something in common, like Islam and Christianity.
  8. Poetry and prose. Which one you like more? Now you have the change to explain everything about them to your colleagues and maybe even give them some nice books to read.
  9. Drugs and alcohol. Of course, you will not write this composition to promote them, but to emphasize once more how dangerous they are.
  10. Parents and grandparents. They treat you in the same way, or they have different attitudes towards you?
  11. Snorkeling vs Scuba Diving. This will be interesting even if you are not passionate about water sports. At least you will get an idea of what these are and who knows, even try them one day.
  12. Cats vs dogs. If you ever had a pet, you know how different cats and dogs can be.
  13. Vegetarian vs Vegan. Many people don’t understand the concepts and they confuse them all the time.
  14. Home schooling and normal schooling. Do you think that a student can be more successful if he studies at home? Discuss all about this with your colleagues and professor.
  15. Books and e-books. Which one do you prefer?

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