Directions On How To Write An Impressive Academic Essay

Academic writing is unlike any form of writing. Unlike letters or novels, academic writing has a formal, precise style. To create the best academic essay, you must be able to utilize research and evidence to show that your argument is correct. For the most impressive academic essays, use the following tips.

  • The Beginning
  • Before you even have a thesis, you must start with a general motive for your essay. You must have at least some idea of the topic that you want to write about or the task of researching the essay will seem insurmountable. Once you have a general idea of the topic, you can immerse yourself in the research until you discover a greater pattern or research within the text.

  • Development of the Thesis
  • Once you have a basic idea of the general topic that you want to use in your academic essay, it is time to start developing the thesis. Over the course of the assignment, you thesis will continue to evolve. As a rule, it will remain fairly similar to your original idea. Each piece of research that you find should be used to defend your argument and support the essay. The thesis is actually one of the first parts of the paper where students go wrong. Often, students creates a thesis that simply restates facts instead of stating an argument. For a thesis to be a valid thesis, it must argue for a specific idea or opinion.

  • Structuring the Argument
  • With a thesis in mind, you can start to create the argument. At this point in the essay writing process, you will basically use all of the resources at your disposal to justify your thesis. Each paragraph that you write must build and further develop the argument. To do this, students should create an outline. By making an outline of the essay, students are better able to move around pieces of the argument so that they fit in a more logical order. This makes the argument more understandable for the reader, and the essay more impressive in general.

  • Deductive Arguments
  • There are many different ways that the argument can be written, but many English papers use a deductive argument. Starting with a broad generalization or general idea, deductive papers move on to provide support for the statement. This writing style can be used within each paragraph of the paper as well as in the paper itself.

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