What The Introduction To An Analytical Essay Should Look Like

If you are to write an analytical essay, be sure to create a proper introduction. In this part of the essay, you should not only state your position concerning some issue (in other words, represent your thesis statement), but also provide some background information about the topic in question and make your reader take an interest in the topic. To write a strong and challenging introduction, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Analyze the source material.
  2. Mostly, analytical essays are aimed to examine the research of someone else’s work. You should carefully reread the source material to look for some information, which would be useful for your essay, especially the introduction. The skill of critical thinking is very helpful at this stage.

  3. Interest your reader.
  4. To grab the reader’s attention, use an interesting quotation or state some controversial issue at the beginning of the introduction. You might also challenge a prevalent idea, or simply tell a story that concerns your thesis. Give examples that show how important your analysis is. Try to do everything possible to impress your reader. However, avoid using questions or exclamations at the beginning of your introduction. Do not make it dramatic.

  5. Provide the appropriate background information.
  6. Sometimes, it is simply necessary to summarize the source document. In this case, be sure to mention the title and the author of the material under investigation. You should also specify the key points that are raised in this material. Such a summary will be in the form of an abstract, explaining the context of the idea you are going to argue. In other cases, more extensive information is needed, and your position should be explained in a deeper way. You should provide then some historical context, for instance, or the intellectual context of the idea you are to analyze. If the meaning of the key term is not obvious, take care to define it. The first and second person voice (I, you) should never be used in your essay.

  7. State your thesis.
  8. Your thesis statement declares the position you are to analyze and prove in the body of the essay. Usually, it consists of one or two sentences, and appears at the end of the introduction. Make your thesis statement persistent and clear. It should reflect only your point of view, rather than something basic and generally agreed; it can be argued.

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