A List Of Ideas For Good Argumentative Essay Topics

The argumentative paper can be a lot of fun because you get to take a side on an issue, find out more about it, and then argue your opinion on the topic. Students always have educated opinions on hot and trending topics. Sometimes it may take a while to find the perfect topic, but it can be located. Consider some of the following topics for your next argumentative paper.

Argumentative Topic Ideas and Suggestions

  • - Pro or Con the Death Penalty-make sure facts, not just emotions, support this paper
  • - Should College Athletes be Paid to Play-this trending topic is sure to excite your students who love sports
  • - The Best President or Ruler of a Country is-the students who are invested in history and the world of politics will like this choice, and they can pick the specific topic
  • - Countries Hacking Other Countries-this topic is timely and could make for a heated paper
  • - Should Hillary Clinton Run for President or did Benghazi Ruin her Chances-face it, people either love or hate Hillary Clinton and this is a good and strong topic
  • - Should Sony have Released the movie, The Interview - should the Sony executives have given into the threat or not?
  • - Students and Social Media-how much is too much and why
  • - ISIS-how does the world stop the terrorism
  • - Police Brutality and Brutality towards the Police-this trending topic is poignant and timely
  • - Global Warming-does it exist and if so, what is it and what causes it
  • - Hollywood and Politics-do you really think you should follow a celebrities’ views on politics and world issues
  • - The CIA and FBI and Torture Techniques-how much is too much for criminals accused of terrorism
  • - The Media and Racism-does the world have a racism problem or is this a situation invented by the global media

Once you have selected one of these topics, you will want to create a strong thesis statement. You need main points that have a lot of credible support. You should scan the databases using your main ideas to ensure that the topic is acceptable. Then you will want to form an outline. You need to make sure that your paper is not all emotion, but instead is a nice blend of your ideas and support from credible people for those ideas. Feel free as you start this process to use any of our handy persuasive idea topics for your own.

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