He was a composer who lived in the twentieth century. He was so much into music and made significant contributions to the world of music. During his life, he lived in four different states. By this, he managed to fulfill his dream of learning about many different cultures. The knowledge that he got through studying different cultures helped him a lot in composing his works. He also loved to learn and did not restrict himself to music alone. He read wide and did a lot of research in arts and literature. This helped him in coming up with different styles of his music. His ability to make stylish variations in music made his an icon in the music history. His contributions are felt up to today and he is regarded by many as the father of music especially in Russia.

His childhood and early life

Stravinsky was born on 17th June 1882. His life as a child is not one that he wished to remember. It was dull and he was treated so coldly by his parents. He, however, rejoices that it is through this treatment that he developed a passion for music. He believed that through music, you could say many things and get to relieve stress. Like many kids of his time, his parents wanted to dictate what he was to study in school. They understood that he had a passion for music but wanted to make him become a lawyer. They thus enrolled him at Saint Petersburg University. Stravinsky’s heart was not in law and he thus spent most of his time in music. University He attended less than fifty law classes during his school time in the university. He, however, read a lot about music. Since he did not meet the threshold for graduating with a degree in law, he was awarded a diploma of the same. When his father died, Stravinsky got dedicated to studying music seriously. He went on to do many works in music.

Personal Life and Death

Stravinsky shocked the whole world when he went to marry his first cousin Katerina. This was not allowed by the church customs. This did not however stop him and he married her. They were blessed with three children. Ludmillain; his second born daughter and her mother, were diagnosed with tuberculosis. The daughter died in 1938 and the wife followed the following year. When Stravinsky went to America, he had a mistress. He married her in 1940. They lived in Bedford until his death in 1971.

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