What Are The College Essay Topics: A List Of 25 Great Suggestions To Choose

When writing a college essay, unless you have been told to write about a specific topic, you will most likely have a wide range of possible titles that you can base your work on. Whilst this enables you to write an academic paper based on a topic that you find interesting or easy to write about, it can make it difficult to narrow down the perfect title for your work.

It is probably best to list down any possible ideas that you may have, before discounting any that you feel would be too difficult to research and write about. You can then examine the remaining topics, and narrow them down based on any further positives and negatives that you can think of when it comes to writing about that particular topic.

To get you started, you may wish to look at the list of suggestions below.

  1. How prevalent is discrimination in the education system?
  2. What is white privilege?
  3. The pros and cons of medical marijuana
  4. The psychology behind anorexia
  5. An in depth study into the autism spectrum
  6. Should birth control methods be provided to school and/or college students?
  7. Dispelling the myths surrounding learning difficulties
  8. How credible are holistic treatments when dealing with serious medical conditions?
  9. Sociopathy: how to spot a serial killer
  10. Should governments increase funding levels for scientific exploration?
  11. Should governments do more to lower the cost of important drug treatments for serious diseases?
  12. How harmful are vaccinations and is it right for parents to prevent their children from being vaccinated?
  13. The gender gap: a comparison of pay rates for men and women in societies throughout the world
  14. Who is more to blame for child obesity: parents or fast food companies?
  15. Blame culture: should individuals take more responsibility for accidents and injuries that they sustain?
  16. How influential is violence in computer games?
  17. Is swearing a bad thing?
  18. How has modern technology changed language?
  19. Will there ever be one true global language?
  20. How has modern empire building changed when compared with previous centuries?
  21. How dangerous is it for political legislation to be influenced by religion?
  22. An analysis of the rich / poor divide
  23. Should students be made to wear school uniforms?
  24. Should the government do more or less when it comes to providing welfare payments for the poorest in society?
  25. Is there ever an excuse for breaking the speed limit?

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