The Secret To Creating A Good 6-Paragraph Argumentative Essay

6-paragraph argumentative essays are not much different from the 5-paragraph format that is often taught in middle school and high school. The introduction and conclusion are written in the same way, with the only difference occurring in the body paragraphs where you may include what is considered to be a counter-argument to the standard 3-paragraph discussion points. Here is the secret to writing a good 6-paragraph argumentative essay on any topic:

Conduct ample research

Start by conducting some in-depth research. You could start by first looking up information online and taking notes on familiar terms and concepts surrounding your topic. Next, do some more research by finding academic resources at the library. Stick with material that is less than three years old to ensure the content you include in your paper is current.

Create a detailed outline

Take all of your notes and organize them into sub-topics to form the content of your body paragraphs. It’s tremendously helpful to create a detailed outline that includes each of your discussion points, supporting pieces of evidence and a statement showing a counter argument to the main discussion points you intend to include.

Write your first draft

Take your outline and notes and start writing your first draft. Ideally, you want to compose your first draft in a single sitting. Efficiency and quickness are keys. You don’t want to lose momentum and lose any of your ideas. Don’t concern yourself with making corrections to any minor mistakes. You won’t be submitting this draft, so there’s no reason to spend time in fixing small mistakes.

Revise your first draft

Set your first draft aside for a few days. This way you can return to it with a fresh mind and have an easier time finding ways in which you can improve on your work through revision. Consider three types of changes to your work: add content, remove content, or rearrange content so that your argument is more effective and logical to the reader.

Proofread and edit

Finally, the last step in writing a great paper is proofreading and editing the content of your revised draft. Even the best and most experienced writers will benefit from spending enough time thoroughly proofreading and editing. It’s best to do this with a fresh set of eyes so you are more critical of your work and can identify places that could use improvement. If you need outside help with this or any other stage of the writing process you should try this company for affordable, reliable professional help.

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