A List Of Problem-Solution Essay Topics To Help You Write A Solid Paper

The problem-solution essay is an assignment you usually encounter in anywhere early composition class to an undergraduate writing class in college. It has four basic components: 1) describing a problem vividly; 2) proposing a solution to the problem; 3) arguing that the solution is feasible, practical and workable; and 4) explaining why your solution is better than others. Sometimes students have a hard time writing a problem-solution paper because they can’t come up with a good topic that interests them. So here is a list of great topics that are sure to inspire a solid paper:

  • What are the best ways to help people who are victims of family abuse or violence? Consider the programs that exist for victims already and think of ways in which they can be improved, if at all? How can the community find ways to offer support?
  • What can we do to prevent people from dropping out of high school? Though fewer students are dropping out compared to a decade or two ago, the number of high school dropouts is still significantly high. What can be done?
  • How can we convince kids not to experiment with drugs? Do schools need more drug prevention funding? Do communities need mandatory programs? Or is this largely a problem that parents have to handle privately?
  • How can the U.S. deal with the growing problem of illegal immigration? The U.S. is constantly faced with a problem of illegal immigration with the largest populations of migrants coming from Spanish-speaking nations to the south of its borders and from Asian-speaking nations who cross oceans. What solutions exist and how does one put them into effect?
  • What can be done about the increase in gun violence on school grounds? No matter what the number of injuries or deaths are reported, gun violence in the school has a profoundly negative effect on the communities in which this type of violence occurs. So why aren’t more people involved in preventing these crimes? What can be done?
  • How can people help the homeless their communities? Some communities don’t have as large a homeless population as others, and so are harder to convince to lend a helping hand. Yet the homeless problem really does affect everyone, so what can be done to help this population and can support be far-reaching?
  • What are the best solutions to preventing deaths caused by drunk driving? Consider driving education, tougher laws and punishments, alcohol education and problems in infrastructure. Can you imagine others being in support or disapproval with your solution?

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