Michael Jordan

Sports personalities are known to make news heads and remain on the spotlight for a time. They have got great influence on the people not only when in action in the field but also in personal life. Michael Jordan ranks amongst the most known and talked about sports personality. He is the greatest basket balers of all times. He retired twenty two years ago but is still an influential icon for many basketball fans and players. His personality and talent had so much impact on the game both on and off the pitch. His unique ability made him be given the name Air Jordan. He was considered as the master of dunk slums and 30.1 shots. During his career, he made a total of 32, 292 points in competitive basketball matches. He has name trophies and awards in his name and is believed to have achieved in all basketball levels.

His Contribution to the game

Jordan is believed to have revolutionized the whole of the basketball game. His impact was not only felt in NBA where his club the Chicago Gulls played. It was a global impact. His major impact was his athletic ability. It led to the game gaining pace. Many players and coaches envied his ability and worked towards matching him. He was also among the first athletes to be used in marketing. He had many major endorsements. This made many players change their attitude towards basketball and how else it would help them make extra earnings. It also led to major sponsorships. He also led to growing popularity of the game. He was a common household name and this greatly grew the games popularity. This led to growth in match attendances. Many Jordan fans wanted to go matches just to watch him play. This led to the growth of love for the game. Interest in the game grew globally. In fact, Jordan had a special hiring clause. It was known as Love for the Game Clause. This allowed him to play basketball games even on the streets during the off-season. This was intended at promoting the game.

How did Jordan Handle Pressure?

Jordan played in big matches and it is obvious that he at times had a lot of pressure to perform or due to the magnitude of the games. He however had a great ability to shut out all thoughts about performance. This gave him the chance to concentrate on playing basketball. It was an add to him as it allowed him to concentrate on giving his best and not worrying about what was at stake if he lost the game.

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