Creating A Strong Narrative Five-Paragraph Essay About Jealousy

This short but detailed article shows you how to craft a structured essay, five paragraphs in length, on jealousy.


Note what is required of you before you begin writing. Know what type of writing is required for the topic.

  • Narrative
  • A narrative essay on any topic and any length require a fair amount of descriptive detail. It also notes theoretical or historical backgrounds.

  • Jealousy
  • Here we will not be giving a meaning but guide you where to find your definitions. Begin with a dictionary explanation.

Research assignments

Good a plus paper are indicative of extensive research and original thinking and initiative. Never wait to be told what to do.

  • Looking for objective explanations
  • Follow up your dictionary definition with a Biblical explanation. Begin with the Old Testament’s account of the Ten Commandments.

  • Library
  • Extensive and effective research begins at the library where subjects related to jealousy are explored. Begin with Psychology and Philosophy.

  • Internet
  • Popular topics on jealousy are featured on the search engine’s front page. This does not mean that they will be authoritative analyses.

  • Case studies
  • You can examine real-life consequences of jealousy where crimes have been committed, or tragic misunderstandings have occurred within family units. Also conduct interviews.

Basic essay outline

Structure your essay coherently in line with instructions and this article’s topic. Apply formal and academic conventions during the construction.

  • Introduction
  • State how you propose to address your narrative expansion. You already have paragraph length in place. Outline two more persuasive propositions on jealousy.

  • Paragraph two
  • Here you can give a detailed description by applying your mind to substantiation from your research material. Try to include at least three research examples.

  • Paragraph three
  • This paragraph follows logically from the previous paragraph. Here you can address the consequences of this complex emotion and list examples found.

  • Paragraph four
  • This is a concluding paragraph in which you propose strong suggestions on how to address the subject. Again, you need to rely on your research material for substantiating your work.

  • Conclusion
  • This will be your shortest paragraph which summarizes what you have already outlined above.

Essay writing and proofing

Do this well first time around and you are well on your way to an A Plus paper. Good writing is done in stages and thoroughly checked at the end.

  • Drafting before typing
  • A series of structured note-taking is required before you write your final essay. Each draft can address a different approach or explanation.

  • Editing
  • Always check for spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph length and construction.

By following these basic steps you are able to compose a strong narrative statement without going beyond the required paragraph length.

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