Informal Essays: How To Complete Your Paper In No Time

An informal essay is designed to show the author’s personality. The tone of the paper is different from a formal essay. You will see that in an informal essay, the author talks directly to you. It doesn’t include generalizations and it written in a conversational tone.

When you are asked to write an informal essay, you want to make sure that your personality shines through to the audience. They should be able to get to know you through your life experiences and your ideas on certain topics.

Since this type of essay requires no research and no direct quotes, you can easily whip one together in no time. Here are some simple steps to help you write this paper in no time.

  1. Topic
  2. The first step is to develop a topic. If you are given some direction like to write about a life experience that really moved you, then it makes it a little easier for most people than just having to come up with a random topic. Brainstorm some ideas by free writing on a piece of paper. You would just write everything that pops into your head when you read what type of informal essay you are being asked to write.

  3. Outline
  4. This is not just something that your teacher made you do to give you some busy work. It is actually a very useful tool that you can use. Create an outline to organize your ideas and to set your paper up. Come up with the sequence of events or the breakdown of your paragraphs. The more complex that you decide to make your outline, the faster you will be able to turn it into a complete essay. Write in full sentences that include transitions from one topic to the next. If you do it this way, you will be almost done by the end of it.

  5. Tell a story
  6. This is a conversational piece so just tell the story. Don’t worry about being too technical. Get it out and on paper. You still have the edit process anyways.

  7. Proofread
  8. This is the last stage. It is when you will read your paper over and over and fix the parts that need to be fixed. You can also get someone else to read it and give you some suggestions.

If you follow these four steps and put your personality into it, you will be done in no time. The most important thing to remember is to have a conversation with your reader.

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