A Brief Manual On How To Write An Ap Rhetorical Analysis Essay

When you are asked to write a rhetorical analysis for your AP class, it sounds like an intimidating task. The main reason it seems intimidating is that you aren’t quite sure exactly what the essay is looking for anyways. If you have a specific topic to relate to for this paper, you will likely have it as part of an exam. Here are some strategies for mastering this assignment.

  1. You will be given a prompt to write your paper on. Read it through several times to get an idea of how you will want to approach the assignment.
  2. Most exams will give you a prompt where you will be given a passage and you will have to make sure that you present two ideas from the passage in your piece. It is an effective way to practice this overall concept and to teach yourself how to work on them.

  3. The prompt will include an abstract idea and a concrete one. They will be denoted in a certain way and you should read the instructions or figure out the general idea for how they will be denoted for that year.
  4. You will notice that each prompt has two different elements, which are a concrete one and an abstract one.

  5. When you are asked to describe rhetorical strategies, you will want to remember these factors: imagery, diction, details, syntax, and figurative language.
  6. These are important factors to consider when you are writing this kind of paper. If you are able to identify these factors, they are good ones to discuss in your piece.

  7. When the passages you are working on present an argument, think about logos, pathos, and ethos.

Apply these concepts in your paper as well to give the most conclusive piece possible. Make sure to express these ideas as completely as possible.

When thinking about rhetorical strategies, you want to think about how the author crafted the text and the methods that they used to do it. Your paper should be developed in a way that focuses on analyzing the overall effectiveness of the piece or the prompt. For example, if you were given a context to write about and then a writing prompt to focus on, you will develop a paper that expresses how effectively the author has been able to accomplish the task.

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