Business As A Calling

Many business men and women see their careers as a calling. To understand this mindset, we must look in to the benefits a business brings to a community and how the running of that business affects its stakeholders. First of all, we will look at the employment opportunities that open up when a business grows to be a success. Second, how that business can contribute to the betterment of society. Finally, we will look at how the success of a business can benefit the less fortunate.

Creating employment

The most obvious benefit that a business brings is job opportunities. The more successful a corporation becomes, the more successful its workers become and the more people the company can hire. There are many towns that rely predominantly on one respective company for most of their residents’ jobs. If those companies were to fold, hundreds—sometimes thousands—would be out of a job. This goes to show how much we need large businesses in our cities and towns. But let us not forget: it is the owners and managers of those businesses that keep them running and effect growth within them.

Fulfilling the needs of consumers

We all know that there are many companies that are just there to make money any way they can. This is sometimes done at the expense of the consumer. But for someone who sees business as a calling, the type of industry they are in matters a great deal. Many business men and women actually want to make a difference in the lives of their community. A company that provides an affordable solution in the form of product or service that the public is in need of, shows signs that such a person is working there.


Companies that become successful make a point of giving very large sums of money to charitable organizations. When these business owners make a success within a community, it goes without saying that they will desire to give back in some way. A charity that is close to the heart of a business owner will be pleased to receive substantial relief from his or her local organization.

Business owners and managers should see their careers as an opportunity to make a difference in many people’s lives. It takes a certain type of person to care about people more than profits; and those are exactly the kinds of people we need in our world.

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