A List Of Argumentative Essay Topics You Wouldn’t Think Of

In writing essays or in speaking engagements you will often have to produce argument topics for the presentation. However often times you will hear the most common arguments repeated such as political or economic issues also you may hear current events argued. Though these arguments may be worthy I want to take a look at some topics you normally wouldn’t think of. These arguments will be ones there are highly uncommon and probably not the most important things in the world and may even be comical. This will allow an argument to draw in the audience because they haven’t heard things like this before. They are as follows.

  • Are Electric Or Hand Tools Better?
  • Which Is The Coolest Color?
  • Are Cars Or Trucks Better?
  • Are Elephants Or Rhinos Stronger?
  • Is The Lion Or The Ape King Of The Jungle?

Are Electric Or Hand Tools Better?

The first argument is a plain everyday argument whether electric or hand tools better to use. This may sound like an opinion that could be argued either way however there are some practical issues to consider. The first issue is that of performance do hand tools or electric do better? This obviously would depend on the situation or the particular job that is being done. A hammer would be fine for putting a nail in a wall a jackhammer not so much. So you see it would require not mere opinion but a compare and contrast based on situation and the job being done.

Which Is The Coolest Color

This would be a much more opinion based argument than the prior one but, there are certain situations where there may be a more objective argument. Which is the coolest color? Well that would be based on the topic at hand while there may be disagreement to some extent given certain situations. For example would a submarine look cooler if it was pink or black? Obviously most people would say black as it fits the function of the submarine of being hidden and powerful pink wouldn’t really convey that.

Are Cars Or Trucks Better

This is an argument where the utility of the vehicle is of absolute importance. Are cars or trucks better? Well that depends on the situation if you want to pay less for gas your probably going to have to choose a car. If you want to haul tools or furniture then a car is probably not too good for this job.

Are Elephants Or Rhinos Stronger?

This argument comes down to a lot more objective criteria. While Elephants are bigger they may also be slower and unable to fully leverage their strength. Rhinos on the other hand may be somewhat smaller but quicker and able to put that to good effect.

In The Lion Or The Ape King Of The Jungle?

Aside from the fact that neither lions nor apes actually attempt rule the whole jungle this might be a fun argument. The ape has more intellect and motor skills to put to use in a fight with the lion and rule his realm. The lion though has much sharper fangs and claws and could physically damage the ape quicker if they came into contact.

These are but a few of the possible arguments you could make in a situation requiring argumentation where you may not want to bring an argument most people would think of though there are countless many more you could come up with.

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