The Top 50 Easy Essay Topics For College Students

When it is time to write an English class essay, students have a few available options. Depending on the essay requirements, they may have a number of different topics that they can choose from. If the student cannot decide what type of essay to create, they can always use one of the following essay topics.

  1. 1. Should animal abuse be legal?
  2. 3. Who should compensate the families of airplane crash victims?
  3. 4. Is online learning as good as in-person?
  4. 5. Have U.S. terrorism policies helped terrorists?
  5. 6. Should in-vitro fertilization be banned?
  6. 7. Does placing economic sanctions on other countries actually work?
  7. 8. Is it alright for the Antarctic's natural resources to be exploited?
  8. 9. Should the drinking age in the United States be dropped?
  9. 10. Are individuals like Edward Snowden dangerous leaks or whistleblowers?
  10. 11. Does teaching abstinence in school actually work?
  11. 12. What are the effects of using more technology in classrooms?
  12. 13. Should students be required to participate in sports?
  13. 14. Are tax incentives for international adoption a good thing?
  14. 15. Should the NCAA change its rules so that college athletes can be paid?
  15. 16. Is it unethical for US companies to outsource factories to other countries?
  16. 17. Should parents censor what their children read?
  17. 18. Are college awareness programs effective at stopping sexual assault?
  18. 19. Is it fair for only women to get maternity leave?
  19. 20. Is the death penalty effective at deterring crime?
  20. 21. Should torture be allowed?
  21. 22. Does banning smoking violate personal freedoms?
  22. 23. Are curfews an effective way to keep teenagers out of trouble?
  23. 24. Is it ethical to use animals for research?
  24. Are cameras in public areas an invasion of privacy?
  25. 25. Is the current consumption model sustainable?
  26. 26. Do children behave better now than in the past?
  27. 27. Are sin taxes fair?
  28. 28. Do CEOs make too much money?
  29. 29. Is it fair for companies to market to children?
  30. 30. Are professional athletes paid too much?
  31. 31. Does violence in video games correlate to violent behavior?
  32. 32. Do beauty pageants exploit children?
  33. 33. Should there be different restrooms for transgender individuals?
  34. 34. Should the United States make its official language English?
  35. 35. Are children today smarter because of the Internet?
  36. 36. Are veterans today treated better or worse than they were after World War II?
  37. 37. Why are there so many conflicts in the Middle East?
  38. 38. How does America's literacy rate stack up internationally?
  39. 39. Should journalists have to reveal their sources?
  40. 40. Should every citizen have to serve in the military?
  41. 41. Are malpractice lawsuits fair?
  42. 42. How do men and women communicate differently?
  43. 43. How can the American school system be fixed?
  44. 44. Should models have a minimum weight limit?
  45. 45. Should it be legal to sell human organs?
  46. 46. Is it fair to make obese people pay more for health insurance?
  47. 47. Should prostitution be made legal?
  48. 48. Should there be laws about noise pollution?
  49. 49. Should more of the tax on gas be paid by oil companies?
  50. 50. How did the “Red Scare” effect American politics?

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