How To Compose A Great Definition Essay About Racism

You might already be aware that the definition essay assignment requires you to define a term or phrase so that any person who is unfamiliar with the subject can readily understand it upon reading your essay. Some terms and phrases are concrete and thus easier to define, such as bike or chair; other terms and phrases are much more abstract and are thus more difficult to define, such as honor or disrespect. This short guide will focus on how to compose a great definition essay about racism:

Read several credible academic sources

When you’re working with a controversial topic like racism you should stick to researching content that is deemed credible in academic circles. Though you may find material online, some of which could provide you with background information, you should stick with citing academic resources you have found at the library.

Review notes and brainstorm approach

Take your notes on the definition of racism and brainstorm some ideas about your approach. You may want to discuss its etymology or the ways in which it has been applied throughout history. You won’t be able to look at the term from every angle so choose the one topic in which you have found the most reliable supporting content.

Develop a thesis statement and outline

You should have a pretty good idea of what your thesis statement will be. Write this statement down, even in its draft form, on top of blank page. Proceed to develop a detailed outline using the content you have found in your research. Identify the most important discussion points, examples, and evidence that support your thesis statement. Order the material logically so that the reader has an easier time understanding.

Write the first draft quickly and efficiently

Now it’s time to start writing. Compose your first draft as quickly and efficiently without stopping to make corrections, no matter how big or small the errors may be. Doing so will only slow you down and you don’t want to break your free-thought or momentum as you work to get your ideas down in one place.

Revise, edit and proofread your content

Lastly, be sure you set aside plenty of time to revise, edit, and proofread your entire work. Even the best writers can significantly improve their compositions by doing these last exercises carefully and critically. The best approach is to do each of these separately with a clear mind. This way you will catch even the smallest errors that would otherwise have slipped past you.

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