Ethical Topics To Write An Argument Essay On

When it comes to writing, especially in topics such as philosophy, race relations, religion, or numerous other topics, ethics plays a huge role. Ethics are the inherent ways of determining what is morally good and what is morally bad, which people build their life off of. Some of the easiest topics to write about ethics are as follows, although this list could become almost exhaustive in its pursuit to list them all:

  • Murder
  • Stealing
  • Lying
  • Adultery
  • Rape


When discussing the topic of murder, most people would say it is inherently wrong to take another’s life. This can be argued by discussing several events that one would constitute as murder, even if it did not gold up in the penal system. When troops go to war, they know that they are going to have to take another one’s life, but this is not considered war, unless it is not during proper rules of engagement? Why one may ask? This is because they took an oath to defend the nation from all enemies foreign and domestic. This is just one of many topics that could be used when discussing murder. Another example could be that of euthanasia.


If someone works hard for their paycheck every month, should another person be entitled to steal it just because they are stronger than the person? Most people would argue no. However, most people would say that it is ok for someone to steal a loaf of bread if their family was starving and they had no money.


When someone fails to tell the truth, it not only harms themselves but other involved with the story. Many people can get away with crimes in a courtroom if everyone corroborates an untruthful tale. Lying may not be so bad if it is done to stop harm to someone else, such as a husband telling his wife that she does not look fat in her jeans.


Marriage is supposed to be a sacred unity between two people that can only be dissolved by divorce, death, or annulment. If a man is sleeping with another woman, i.e. being unfaithful to his bridge he is breaking the ethical code of what marriage is supposed to be.


Willfully throwing yourself into someone who objects is morally wrong and by the U.S. Supreme Court, illegal even in cases of marriage. The days of Vikings and norsemen however would use this tactic as a way to continue their population, which is a large percentage of Europe and Scandinavia.

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