The Best Way To Organize A Compare And Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay can actually be a very interesting and entertaining assignment. Still, it is easy to get muddled up and make it confusing for the reader of your paper; especially if you haven’t been able to organize it correctly. Here are some tips that you can use to make your compare and contrast paper look logical and easy to read:

  • Introduction - The introduction to your essay is important because this is a good spot in your paper to actually discuss your thesis; which is to point out how the two subjects that you have chosen are similar yet different. It would be a good idea to include the main point of dissertation here, start early so that you can get into the nitty-gritty of the discussion as you go along. This also provides clarity to the reader. In short, your introduction should have a short discussion on both your subjects and why you have chosen to compare them.
  • Discussing the similarities - Once you have introduced both the subjects in your opening paragraphs of your essay, you can now move on to why these two subjects are worthy of comparison. The only reason two subjects are worthy of research and comparison is because they have some similar elements to them or belong to the same group, etc. So go into detail in this section of your thesis about what makes them so alike and interesting to compare.
  • Discussing the contrasts - This part of your paper should now discuss in detail all the points that you have been able to research and develop on the contrasts and differences between the two subjects of your dissertation. By using this format, the readers are already introduced to their similarities which is why their differences now begin to stand out and seem more logical.
  • Conclusion - This is the part where you should re-assert your initial point of thesis. This you have already stated in your introduction and proved by means of showing the reader the similarities and then the contrasts. So in the conclusion, by discussing in short your initial point you will be showing the reader the reason why you chose these two subjects as your topics for this paper.

Organization of this kind of an essay is key to its success. This is the best way to provide your reader with a logical flow of causes and arguments without making it look like just your personal opinion.

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