A List Of Intriguing Essay Topics For High School Students

Intriguing essay topics:

The intriguing essay topics are very much in demand, especially in high school and colleges. They provide a good way to the supervisors to evaluate the writing and the research skills of the students. The intriguing essays are those which require the writer to generate a certain plot or scheme of things that revolve around the essay of the topic. For such an essay, students need to have some exceptional creative skills to impress their readers. Practicing such essays enhance their creativity skills which are also reflected on several other aspects of their academic career. If the students are given the choice to pick their preferred type of essay, then they have a lot of freedom to try their pen on the things which they like to write on. The students must go for the topic which is in their comfort zone and they have a certain level of interest in the topic as well. But, if the topic is given by the supervisor, then students have very limited scope in writing. The challenge is tougher, but they need to produce a quality product in order to succeed in the given task.

Some quality intriguing essay topics:

The intriguing essay topics interest those students who like to do some creative writing. It is interesting to write upon and requires a bit of time. If the task is given in the exam paper, then it becomes tough and you really need to speed up the entire process in order to finish the task within the time. The following are some good and useful examples of intriguing essay topics:

  • - The experience of your first ever date
  • - How you met your closest friend for the first time.
  • - Describe the place which is very special for you.
  • - How was the experience when someone close lets you down big time?
  • - How was the experience when you had to make a difficult choice between choosing a particular thing?
  • - What is the role of your parents in your professional career?
  • - What is your mantra for succeeding in your life?
  • - What are your idea and thoughts about the beggars?
  • - What is the biggest disappointment that you ever had in your life?
  • - How do you cope with pressure in difficult times?
  • - Is money the most important thing in your life?

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