Writing An Adequate Conclusion For An Essay

When it comes to writing a paper or essay for school or work, the key take away points always come in the conclusion of the paper. Although the main topics and key points throughout an essay serve as a way for the reader and writer to further understand a subject, most people only remember what the last thing they are told or taught is. The following are reasons why one must write an adequate conclusion to their essay:

  • Reminder of what was covered
  • People remember the ends not the beginnings
  • K.I.S.S.

Reminder of what was covered

The point of a conclusion is to re-emphasize the thesis of the paper. An essay should include plenty of key points that help reiterate the importance of the thesis, but the most important thing that needs to be covered in the paper is laying out how the student came about finishing their thoughts. Also, the author should make sure to use a comparison of what was written about in the body of the paper as a way for the reader to engage in conversation later with someone else as many people can speak of comparisons of readings into their daily lives.

People remember the ends not the beginnings

The human mind is inclined to always remember the last thing it is told, unless the person writes it down. Therefore, when writing the conclusion to a paper, it is of the utmost importance that the author remind the reader of what is is they want them to know. The essay might have been written about the impact of global climate change, but the author wants the reader to take away the importance of recycling and saving electricity, therefore the conclusion must delve into detail of why it was important to have covered turning off lights, recycling plastics and saving water.


For the average reader, they may enjoy reading but they just want the author to get to the point. This can be done if the author uses a term that is used in the armed forces of keep it simple stupid. Sometimes the author just needs to know their target audience and get to the point. If an essay is being written for political science students as to why microbiology is important, the author need not spend copious amounts of time talking about individual biological problems. Instead, they can simply speak about federal grants for scientific agencies and press forward.

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