Selecting Unique Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics: Tips & Possible Solutions

When it comes to writing narrative essays, the number one issue would always be selecting unique essay topics. This is usually the point where students feel they are stuck as they find it difficult to decide what topic would make a good fit for their academic papers. However, knowing that narratives are based mostly on personal experiences, you can come up with a good topic if you take time to reflect on some of the events you have experienced in your life. If you still think you are stuck, then it would do you a lot of good to read some tips that would help you choose a unique topic for your paper.

There are several instances you can use to write interesting narrative essays. This article has been written to give you a little shove in the right direction as far as coming up with unique essay topics is concerned. So, in order to move on with writing your paper, the following helpful tips have been compiled. They are as follows:

  • Use Of Conflicts: At certain points in your life, there has been a time where a given conflict has opened your eyes to something you never knew. You can base your paper on this and write how such experience changed you into the person you presently are.
  • Use Of Cultural Issue: Is there a particular culture of yours that you had the opportunity to witness or experience? Have you been itching to tell other people about it? Cultural issues have always made great narrative essays.
  • Use Of Religious Issue: This particular idea generates interest as essay topics for those students who are schooling in a different location from their homes. You can write about the uniqueness of your religious worships and some of the activities that that differentiates it from other religions.
  • Use Of Involvement In Accidents: This is one of the tips on which several students have based their narrative essays on and were able to impress their tutors and target readers. It becomes especially interesting if the accident is as a result of taking certain things for granted and lessons were learnt through the experience.
  • Use Of Tragedy: There are some people who faced the painful tragedy of losing their parents at a young age and get saddled with raising their siblings. If you are one of these people, then it would interest you to know that such stories make great essay topics and you should not let the opportunity pass you by. Tell how the experience made you grow up quicker than your mates.

Other ideas for narrative essays include health conditions, economic situation at home, being bullied at school and lots more.

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