A List of Unique and Intriguing Essay Topics for High School Students

If you are in high school and you are looking for a list of unique and intriguing essay topics, review the sample topics below:

  • Write an essay analyzing the influence of a politician
  • Review the impact that a certain artistic movement has had
  • Discuss a current event and why it is relevant to the modern citizen
  • Review different methods of communication and which are appropriate in various settings
  • Write about modern financial changes
  • Write about new developments in a field of your choosing

If none of these are appealing or suitable for your essay writing assignment, you can brainstorm a bit after reviewing them via a free write. A free write is where you set the timer for about five minutes, or ten minutes and you just write. Your goal here is to write down anything that comes to mind. Your conscious mind can only hold on to about seven items at one time. Your subconscious can retain many more. So if you are mentally preoccupied with seven things that have no bearing on your potential topic, they might cloud your conscious and inhibit the creative thoughts related to your topic from making their way out of your subconscious to your conscious. So, by doing a free write your goal is to keep your pen or pencil to the paper at all times, without stopping. So for the duration of the assignment, you want to ensure you do not stop writing. This gives you a chance to write down all of the thoughts in your mind, making way for new thoughts to arise from the subconscious. Once the time period is done, you can look over your list and see if anything creative or interesting has been written down. You might be surprised how many great ideas have come to pass during the free write.

Another thing you can do is to review your previous coursework and all of your notes or textbooks, if you still have them. Since this project is quite a demanding one, you should look over all of the work you have done up until this final point in search for a potential topic that interests you. Find something that you have always wanted to discover more about, or something you wrote about back in another course which you would like to expound upon now. This will make for one of the best potential topics.

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